Having travelled to more than 100 countries over the last half century, photographer James Davis invites you to share his unique experiences in his latest book, and explore the world through this outstanding collection of his work.


… features hundreds of beautiful images from James’s travels, together with narrative of the story behind each shot. The book is divided into sections covering the beautiful places he’s visited on assignments and how many have changed over the years. There’s a large centre section devoted to people from all walks of life and their diverse cultures, followed by lots of chapters covering the wonders of nature and wildlife. Read about how James began his career as a ship’s photographer and his useful tips for taking the best photographs.

This 300 page, beautifully produced hardback book would make an ideal gift – or you may just want to keep it for yourself!

retails for only £25.

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REVIEWS FOR "James Davis: 50 Years Around the World" ...


50 Years Around The World is an excellent book for people who love to travel, those interested in learning photography and professional photographers alike.

It’s like a book of beautiful paintings, that you can pick up to enjoy at your leisure.

It also gives lots of tips on how to take the very best photographs.

Ali Mushaima

This book is a personal odyssey of a thoughtful and dedicated photographer, who has told his story in his own words with photos of the places he has seen, the people he has met, of dramatic natural scenery, great buildings and astonishing wildlife. James Davis, for most of his life worked with conventional film and camera; how many pictures were taken, how many discarded to produce his tribute to the world and its peoples?

This book is a record of that traveller’s life, the talent to see and capture a magnificent photograph where many of us would stop, marvel but just move on. It is also recording that world where global warming and species destruction threaten us all.It is a book to savour for a few moments, to whet the appetite or to explore its themes and ponder them.

Enjoy this book, share it, give copies to some of the special people in your life.

Professor Peter Sims

I bought James’s book shortly after it was published and it is a beautiful and prized possession on my bookshelf.

I have been fortunate to have travelled the world in the Navy many years ago, and I recently spend six years in Southern Africa working as a volunteer. The beautiful photographs in ’50 Years Around the World’ bring back so many memories; the graceful Albatross effortlessly skimming the towering seas of the Southern Ocean (p204) and the fearsome crocodile basking in the African sun contrasting with the delicate white egrett feeding in the shallows (p216). Picking a favourate is impossible in such a rich and varied collection, but the elephant bathing at sunset in Lake Kariba evokes rich memories of Africa.

Buy it and enjoy it; if a picture is worth a thousand words, this book is worth many millions.


Mark Holker